About Us

Pretty Girl Goods is a leading online retail store.

Founded in 2015 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, Pretty Girl Goods consists of a team of passionate support staff in over 5 developing countries throughout the world. We are fueled by passionate people, worldwide, who are committed to the economic advancement of Pretty Girls all over the globe.

Pretty Girl Goods is certainly not your average online store. When you shop with us, a portion of every Pretty Girl purchase helps improve provide economic development opportunities for the world’s most vulnerable population: our women and children.

You should know that social awareness, passion, empowerment are at the cornerstone of everything we do. The Pretty Girl Goods team is dedicated to assisting and empowering the millions of women who are stuck in low-paying jobs that provide inadequate benefits and offer little opportunity for economic advancement and security.

Join us in improving the living conditions and standard of living of other Pretty Girls, just like you. With your purchase, you can be a part of helping thousands of women to thrive - and not just survive.

On behalf of all Pretty Girls Worldwide, we appreciate your purchase.


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Pretty Girl Goods

400 W. Peachtree Street NW, Suite 4-1033

Atlanta, GA 30308

Toll-free: (888)-226-6943

Email: hello@prettygirlgoods.com